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Not thermal camera related, but close enough. :D

Is there cheap uv sensitive camera? I tried to search ebay etc, but the results gives uv filters for normal cameras.

Are the optics and sensors for uv cameras as "hard" as thermal cameras to make?


UV is about as far as you can get from thermal imaging alright.

Most cameras are sensitive to UV but have some sort of filter in the optic path to stop it. Some webcams use a separate piece of glass or a brushed on coating on a lens to filter out unwanted wavelengths. But the thing is that some kinds of glass also absorb certain UV wavelengths so the optics them self might suck up some of it.

Depends what you mean by UV - what wavelength range ?

Check out the FUJIFILM X-T1 IR That goes from NIR to UV. Expensive though...

Something like that.


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