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--- Quote from: AlexP. on January 05, 2022, 07:57:59 pm ---Just a follow-up to confirm that the 690B uses the same mold and has the same dimensions as the 260B. I printed a lens cover and a lens holder created by other forum members (thanks!) that were designed for the 260B, and they fit perfectly.

--- End quote ---

Just curious, which one did you print?

For the lens cover I took this one:

For the lens holder it was a zip file attached to one of the various UNI-T threads here, forgot which one sorry, and unless I renamed it the file was called "lensholder.stl". It's the super thin and flat rectangular one.

That cover is nice. I adapted it to fit a 20mm lens.

Take a look :

Yes I downloaded it indeed, nice work.

The problem is that I only got a UV/LCD resin printer and I don't have any flexible resin in stock. It's either a standard resin, which is super brittle and not really suited for functional parts, or a new "hard tough" resin I'm testing (from eSun), which is super tough but has practically no flex.

So when I printed the lens cover you based your design on, at first it didn't fit at all due to the rather large side-clips. I had to grind the shit down out of them, removing practically everything and leaving only about 1mm of material protruding, and even like that it's a super tight fit and applies quite some pressure on the camera shell during insertion.

Long story short: when I saw you model, I knew it would have the same issue when printed too rigid. The other one I found is super thin and quite probably less durable due to that, but at least the side clips are straight square angled, with the parts grabbing the camera shell super thin. So I gave that one a try, and it's good enough for me for the moment.

 :-+ TPU would be the most suitable material for this design. It has a little flex to it.
 I received my uti260b today. I will send my design to a friend to print. I will post updates in the uti260b thread.


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