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--- Quote from: bsgd on December 23, 2022, 07:18:33 pm ---Hi all!

So I just got for Christmas a UNIT 260B camera. This is my first thermal camera so Im not sure what to expect, and thats why I ask for advice here.
My camera shows a 'pattern' when I aim at objects or surfaces that should be at the same temperature all around. The pattern is always the same as below and does not improve after leaving the camera on for hours and after many FFC events.

Is this expected? The temperature range is small I know, around 2C, but I expected the screen to look all the same color, with no fixed pattern like this. Maybe Im expecting too much from such a low end device? Or is this a problem?

I just wanna make sure I did not get a defective unit.

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I did recalibration based on

It looks? like you can do the RMVC_CAL to even out the thermal imager field. Mine improved from 2.5 degree gradient to less than 1 degree gradient and made the camera lot more usable.
DON'T touch the RMVC_RESET or the other calibration points.

I used room-temperature brick wall as target for RMVC_CAL.


--- Quote from: tchleb on October 01, 2023, 01:40:33 pm ---Which ZnSe lens you can recommend for PCB thermal analysis?

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Just got the UNi690B variant today. Unfortunately it does not work properly, just got a white screen and showing 900+ degrees Celsius.

Wondering if there is a way other than factory reset in setting, to do a complete hardware reset?

I have had this same problem. I am new to this, could you please tell me what and where to buy what I need to fix it?.
Thanks in advance

--- Quote from: jeroenvtec on February 26, 2023, 09:30:37 pm ---Hi all

I also opened my uti690b and has the same board as in the picture below.
I destroyed my unit by a usb a to micro-usb > usb -c  and/or a quick charge charger. (some how)
I saw on the display 9v 4a! when unplugged it was already done. Not comming on. So be aware off that !
After opening / smelling and seeing with the a flir one cam, the mosfet was gone, next to d5 on the picture of keenox.
It was a 01ah replaced it with a 01A (7 something) and it is working again.
When sensor is disconnected I also get loading 100% and then nothing. after all connected up and running ( so far )
so maybe this can help people.
battery is a pnas 26650 3.6v 5000mah


--- Quote from: keenox on August 30, 2022, 02:03:45 pm ---I also opened the UTi260B. Tip: use a small suction cap (like the ones used to remove phone screens) to remove the screen shield in order to avoid scratches instead of using tweezers. Also, don't pull hard on the face because there is a small ribbon cable that connects the buttons to the main PCB. I almost ripped mine.
I also attached a script that will enable the USB console. (thanks optotester for the initial script)
Just unzip to the SD card root, press right for 3 seconds, hold and press left.
You will see a new COM in the device manager. Connect using putty (or your preferred terminal client) with baud rate 115200.

Use ftpadmin/ftpadmin (no write rigths, safer to just look around) or root/uti160e (careful! you can mess stuff up if you don't know what you're doing.

Full dump of the 1.2.6 firmware:

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I really wonder about that USB-C connector on these, when its really only safe to charge from 5V only.

Charge only with the included USB-A to USB-C cable!

Connecting it to USB-C or fast-charger will likely dammage more than just that mosfet. Others have lost the camera modules, I lost the NTC termperature compensation in mine. The higher voltage supplied from a USB fast charger goes right thorugh the whole thing, Not certain why its requesting the fast charger to step up to a higher voltage it can't handle.


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