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Write to Uni-Trend customer services and request the latest firmware for your version of the UTI-260b. Give them the information shown on your camera information page and the serial number. Using some random firmware version from the internet in your camera can easily result in bricking it. You need the correct firmware version for your hardware platform version.

Unless you have a really good reason to update your cameras firmware, it is best not to as there is a very real risk associated with updating these Uni-T cameras.


Fraser, thank you so much for your diligent work on this unit - I was able to repair my own thermal camera by replacing the TPS630250 IC and one of the 01AH mosfets that had died. Only thing I couldn't seem to make work was using a SMAJ5.0A in place of the two SMBJ28CA's as you suggest. Not sure if you have any photos of your install - I suspect I've made a silly error somewhere.

I elected to add a 5V TVS diode to the power trace coming from the USB C socket. I did not add another TVS diode on the battery input as that is not exposed to external influences. The TVS diode is placed across the PCB power trace and an adjacent 0V point whilst observing correct polarity as it is a unipolar device.

I did not remove the 28V TVS diode as it was placed on the power input for a good reason, even if I am unsure exactly what that reason is. It may be ESD protection ? There was no need to remove the original TVS diode as there is plenty of space to add another in that part of the PCB.

I will upload a picture of the TVS diode installation later.


Picture of the additional 5V unipolar TVS diode installed across the USB 5V charging input.

Hello. I just received my uti260b. Firmware v2.0.22. It seems that internal NTC sensor is dead for me as well. I charged device with cable from package from my macbook pro 2015, i.e. it cannot give anything but 5V.
Any ideas how to fix that? I send this video to UNI-T support as well, waiting for the response.
Also, according to unit-t FAQ, this device does not have temperature compensation. What kind of NTC then it shows in calibration menu? For what purpose?
Looks like @EV.geny and @Algoma had the same issue. Have you resolved the issue?

Video of the issue:


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