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Hi Guys,

I need something for occasional home use (building insulation, electric/electronic devices, PCBs). This one ticks many boxes, but there are no reviews or mention of it anywhere:

- 256x192 IR pixels with some visible light blending modes
- 25 Hz!
- USB C connectivity with PC side software
- Suspiciously cheap at around USD300

EDIT: The more I look at the options, the more this one looks like a no-brainer. What am I missing? Would a Seek or HTi phone module be a better option?

Thanks for any thoughts on this!


sounds really good according to the technical data.
I would have the same usecases.
There is discount code for Banggood available: BGherra. So you can get it for USD 280.
Sounds like a good Christmas present (for myself :-)

Just ensure that the 256x192 pixels are physical pixels and not the result of interpolation.

I have seen a description of the camera that states “80x60 to 256x192” for the IR resolution. That read as interpolation or an electronic zoom function. Such is an unusual way to describe the resolution unless it meant there were several different models with differing resolution.


UTi-260B would appear to have been replaced by the UTi-260K so the discontinued model may be available at a good price, as noted by the OP.

I have not found any useful information to suggest interpolation is used on the cameras microbolometer but upscaling will be needed to fit the 320 x 240 pixel LCD display.

With thermal imaging cameras, you tend to get what you pay for unless heavily discounted for some reason. If a camera looks too cheap compared to similar offerings from other manufacturers, there is often a dirty little secret waiting to be exposed  ;D Interpolation of a low resolution FPA is one such ‘trick’ to catch the unwary buyer. The word “resolution” actually means nothing unless defined as physical or processed.


i tend to buy this model too, atm i use the Seek Thermal Compact with the Hti Xintai Apps for more Options

so does the Uti260B hast the 256x192 Sensor Resolution?

On Banggood i fount this chart


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