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--- Quote from: Santi-hr on June 05, 2021, 07:25:21 pm ---From what I have seen online, the C200 does save radiometric information, not like the UTi260b that only stores a grayscale image. So probably what Joe-c implemented does not work for this new camera. It seems that Infiray started from UNI-T firmware and updated it.

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Hi, I just found your script may have a little bug, the images which have lable on the edge may show one line of residual, I opened an issue on github, could you please check? Thanks in advance.

Finally, my UTi260B has arrived! (from China and not Europe, as i had ordered it from...). It has been a very long time since i received a full refund and i am lucky that i did so. I will explain.

The unit is a very nice piece of equipment for home users and it is value for money. The resolution is nice and you do not have to use the optical image at all (but is saves an optical image as well as the thermal when you press the trigger). It is precise, fast and does almost everything a home user would ask. The price is also fair for what you get. If you are a professional and would like more features and precise calibrated measurements you can get a Flir for three times the money. But for the average non-pro user it is perfect!

BUT: After a couple of days mine also developed a hot spot at the bottom!! I remember someone here mentioned that he had a hotspot too and people replied that it could be due to dust in the sensor. Well, maybe it is not... Mine is OK when it starts up cold, but develops the hotspot as it warms up!


It does not matter if i move it around or not. Hotspot always appears. Sometimes it might be a cold spot. So, i believe that it is a deficiency in some sensors, or improper factory testing, and it is the risk you take for such a low price.

However, i suggest that potential buyers test their meter for a few days before declaring it 'received' and miss the refund, if something like this appears.

Other than that it performs perfectly nice. Clicking (and pausing for half a second) for calibration is done frequently when it starts up, but gradually becomes rare when temperature inside the unit is stabilized. I am very happy with the overall performance and user experience. But i am happy i got a refund because now it is way too late to fill in any claim from the seller.

The first thing I note on both your images is the temperature span. Anything near 1C temperature span will challenge any thermal camera when it comes to a low noise thermally flat image. I can see the area of temperature difference in the first image as well as the second. It may well be due to pixel drift or poor NUC but it could also be due to a localised temperature difference in the vicinity of the microbolometer. Such would normally cause a warmer area only. The FFC shutter event will normally reduce or remove small temperature deviations across the microbolometer. Does the area become less apparent after an FFC event ?

If you have a temperature span of 10C does the area still appear different to the rest of the display ? If not, your camera is behaving pretty well for it’s price point.

Well, there might be an element (resistor?) near the bottom of the microbolometer that becomes hot and affects the image. I took a thermal image of my house inner wall to better illustrate this phenomenon, so the temperature span is really small.

It does not improve when FFC happens, unfortunately. The only way to remove this is by looking at an image with a span above 6-7 degrees. So, yes a span of 10 degrees will not have this effect any more (it is not visible). Apart from this the camera is an excellent performer for the money! And did i mention that the battery lasts for ever? You can play for 3-4 hours and still there is battery left over! :)

Bill W:

--- Quote from: Brexei on June 26, 2021, 06:24:12 am ---Well, there might be an element (resistor?) near the bottom of the microbolometer that becomes hot and affects the image.

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While there is an ADC somewhere that gets warm, as Fraser says the shutter NUC event should clear that.

I'd be more inclined to think that there is some kind of reflection or error in the flag design so it is not fully blanking or maybe not fully clearing from the sensor field of view.



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