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Uni-T UTi690A (120x90 new entry/budget) (UTi690A, UTi120S, UTi712S)

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Was a long time since last posting here (hacked e30bx user) but figured I would share a find of what seems like a good budget thermal imager, with higher resolution than I have found in this price-range before.
Price is currently ~USD 175-190 which for 120x90 resolution is seem quite low, lower than some 80x60 models out there.

The Uni-T UTi690A is not currently listed on Uni-T's website, however one can find an imager named UTi120S with what seem to be identical specification and apperance:

The store does have a datasheet/manual of it that seem to be from Uni-T, even if not possible to find it at Uni-T's website, at least not yet:

Uni-T also sell what seem to be a "portable" version called UTi120P with what seem to be the same specifications but just another shape of the device, and those units currently sell for $400 on Uni-T's own aliexpress site.

The UTi690 does not have a regular camera at the front which I suspect is one way they have reduced the cost.
There is however a laser to show where you're aiming it if uncertain, and a led-light if working in poor light conditions.
The unit also have fewer buttons than most Uni-T imagers so adjusting settings I suspect is a bit more time consuming.

Due to the price/performance ratio and looking to be far less fragile than the e30bx I currently own, somewhat waterproof and drop resistant if if to believe the datasheet, I could not resist to pre-ordered one to keep around garage/3Dprinter and as a backup to my other imager.
Will report back with findings when I receive the unit, if it will work well as an entry level or budget thermal imager.

If having any questions regarding the unit just drop a post and I will reply once the unit has been delivered.

Sometimes things are not as good as they seem and there are quite a lot of questionmarks regarding this product:
Why is it named UTi690A when there is what seem to be an identical version named UTi120S?
Why is the unit not posted on Uni-T's website?
How can it cost half of the "portable/flat" version when having identical specifications and even exceeding some like bigger battery and a laser pointer?

Update 2021-11-12: Banggood have now added two videos to the product page, showing another Uni-T camera that is different from the rendered one on the product page... mystery contiues...
Also text added to the product page "The most worth buying thermal imager is comming!!! Original UNI-T Newest thermal imager in 2021 !!! With 25Hz frame rate, 120*90 IR sensor resolution(Image resolution up to 320*240 ) smooth and clear visual performance which is the most cost-effect 25Hz frame rate thermal imager you can find ! Support Chinese and English switching."

The attached datasheet may be of interest  :)

Great to see you're still here and active Fraiser! And thank you for posting the datasheet!
If I find that I can open the imager without risking to damage the IP protection I will give it a try and see if it uses that 120x90 sensor, if they are I wonder how it can be at this price, much cheaper than I have seen on other models that uses it.

I also order this device a month ago, it has not been not shipped yet.


--- Quote from: mrisco on November 10, 2021, 04:03:02 pm ---I also order this device a month ago, it has not been not shipped yet.

--- End quote ---
My order was reported to have been shipped yesterday. Did you by any chance also order from Banggood a month ago?
(BG is known to sometimes falsely report shipped items, only to a few weeks later report that it has been shipped once again for real that time, so not sure it can be trusted that it has indeed been shipped.)


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