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Uni-T UTi690A Review ( UTi690A UTi120S UTi712S )

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That is normal variation for this level of device and falls within the stated measurement tolerance. Of course there could be a situation where both cameras are within +/-2C of each other in terms of measurements, yet both cameras are actually way off calibration when checked against a known accurate Black Body source  ;) The best way to test a thermal cameras measurement accuracy is by the use of a target at a known temperature. This can be done at room temperature for a quick check.
To do this, I recommend sourcing a 120mm x 120mm x 6mm Aluminium plate and painting it with a high emissivity paint such as a very Matt camouflage paint. An accurate thermometer is used to measure the ambient temperature and that of the metal plate. You can now do a rough measurement accuracy test but there will be small emissivity errors if you are not certain of the plates paint coating emissivity.



--- Quote from: mrisco on December 21, 2021, 04:17:12 pm ---Maximum and minimum temperatures registered in the display area. 69.7 vs 68 21.3 vs 20.9

--- End quote ---
The pictures I took was hand-held trying to have hold the imagers at the same position pointing at the same spot after one another, but it's not identical, so minor temperature differences is likely due to this, and variance between the sensors, but both is within margin of error.

--- Quote from: Fraser on December 21, 2021, 04:23:33 pm ---I suspect that the two 690A cameras are fitted with LCD panels from different manufacturers.

--- End quote ---

I do agree with you that it's likely from different manufacturers, having used them both a bit more this evening and testing palettes it seems they are displaying the colors slightly different as well, usually don't see that much of a difference in batch to batch from one manufacturer.
But both do perform well, no details being lost when viewing and viewing angles seem to be close as well.

many thanks Paw85 for the review.  :-+
seriously considering grabbing one. although the washed out look of your second unit has me reconsidering.

i'm curious how difficult swapping the '2000mAh' battery will be at it's end of life. :-/O Chinese cells are not the best.
guessing it's an 18650 cell in the grip.

The washed out look looks worse on the pictures than in reality, if I had not had two of the same unit I would probably not have noticed.

Changing the battery will probably be a bit difficult, as far as I know no one have dared to open the UTi690A or it's siblings as it seem that you have to remove the transparent LCD cover to get access, and it appears to be glued.
But hopefully the battery will last a while, and if having to change it later on, a few marks on the LCD cover is probably something we can live with ;)

The display plastic is relatively easy to remove without damage :) Just warm the plastic with a hair dryer whilst making sure you do not go mad and melt the plastic ! Then I use a PVC sucker to lift a corner of the display plastic. If it does not lift easily, a plastic prying tool, used for mobile phone display removal, may be used to lift an edge of the display and gently work around to release all sides. The adhesive is double sided tape that softens with the application of heat. It is often re-usable if care is taken lifting the plastic. The case screws are then visible.

Once access is gained to the interior of the camera, the battery change is a relatively simple task as the cell is nothing unusual.

The cell in the camera should last a few years anyway :)



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