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I just got one of these. Pocket sized! I think it's awesome for the money:

(mine was cheaper than that - prices are going up!)

Comes with SD card for taking pictures, USB cable and hard(ish) carrying case. You can select what's shown on screen, choose from min/max temperatures (with markers) and the temperature at the center of the screen (in the crosshairs). The photos below have everything turned on. Battery is rechargeable with USB cable and seems to last for ages.

nb. Very useful for cooking, too. Get the frying pan to the perfect temperature, my sausages never tasted better.  :)

Just bought the Multicomp Pro (Farnell) branded version of this camera for £99 :-+ I suspect it will be a very useful little compact thermal camera. I also own the Seek Reveal cameras so it will be interesting to see how they compare in terms of convenience :)


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