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Use of a Thermal Camera for PCBA thermal profiling and repair

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Whilst testing the CA-10 on a Amazon Fire TV stick I imaged one of the larger IC’s and could clearly see the different areas of the IC die becoming active and then going to sleep. I also saw processors waking up from sleep and then returning to their low power state after a period if inactivity. Some were pulsing like a thermal heartbeat  :-+ It was great to see this level of detail and such could be compared between a known good reference PCBA and a suspect one. The CA-10 operates at 25fps and that also aided the viewing and recording of fast thermal changes within an IC. I had not previously studied IC’s in such detail in the thermal domain and I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw. I will include both images and videos in my review of the CA-10 to show this interesting level of thermal detail in complex IC’s.

I thought three of the videos from my CA-10 testing may be interesting to readers of this thread so I have added them here. They are MP4 format so I have had to ZIP them in order to upload to this forum (MP4 is not a permitted file type here)

The videos show the IC's inside a Raspberry Pie 3 Model B  and an Amazon Firestick TV dongle MK1. The pulsating that is seen within the IC's is thermal activity and the screen captures show the temperature scale and maximum temperature marker moving as the scene changes.

One thermal signature looks like 'heartbeat' whilst the other shows activity in diffrent areas of the IC die. Look at the temperature change that is being detected and imaged. Good stuff  :-+

Enjoy !  :)

First the R-Pi Model 3B......


Now the Amazon Firestick Mk1........

Pulsing slowly

Amazon Firestick MK1 continued....

Showing activity in the IC … watch the whole video to see the sequence of changes at top left and right, then major ‘event’ followed by start of a repeat ‘cycle’

The DYT CA-10 PCBA Thermal Analyzer review has been completed and may be found here:


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