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Used ISG Infrasys Elite XRHR Firefighting Thermal Camera on Ebay

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Some screen grabs off video recorded by my RunCam.

Well I took the weekend off to go to LA, Scoping stuff out later tonight and then starting work on the re-engineering of the FPA ribbon cable for custom units (mine doglegs a little and I want a longer straight through unit)

Hi guys.
Is the hidden service menu only exist on the 384x288 models? Or also available to the 320x240 XR(non-HR)?

Maybe. Even if it existed, I don't think you can change much since the Elite XR didn't have any software-configurable feature like the XRHR. Based on the 2010 operating manual and the
brochure, the Elite XR only come with *F and NTSC video output. There's no *C/PAL variant as far as I concern.


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