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Using Vantablack to Reduce Noise

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I ordered some samples of vantablack to use as a background against some silicon substrates I'm viewing under an A655sc and A40M. Curious if anyone has any thoughts if the darkest (technically the 2nd darkest now..) surface known to man will move the needle at all in increasing the clarity of the images grabbed by the TCs?

Bill W:
Tried (original Surrey nanosystems Vantablack) as a coating for FFC flags.  No different to Halfords car matt black.

Both are somewhat better than 'black' anodising which can be quite variable and cause temperature readout errors by reflecting sensor temperatures back inwards.

note for non-UK - Halfords is a UK retail park car/bike DIY store

The guy who bought exclusive rights to vantablack is sort of a prick, so I'd recommend a different formulation if you're going to try others (also there's a blacker 2.0 version).  I'm not sure any have been evaluated for LWIR performance, but at the very least you should not be getting any specular reflections of any kind.

I've considered Musou Black and Black 3.0 (though I've heard some earlier formulations, while not as dark, are more durable as coatings) as commercially available extremely black paints (and I think bother are considered less emissive for visible than the original vantablack), but I wonder how well each works in IR bands and how well they hold up to heat - likely important for a lot of thermal camera uses.

There is a video by Ben over at Applied Science that looks into the alternatives and how to make your own. It's a good watch to learn about the topic.

Although I doubt it would do anything useful for thermal imaging. The microstructures are smaller than wavelengths you see, so maybe you need a different formulation for LWIR wavelengths.

E: there was a thread a few years back looking at different paints and electrical tape options. Maybe you can find it via Google, I didn't.


IIRC he claims that black velvet is a reasonable alternative, whilst quite not as black it might be dark enough?


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