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Using Xtherm/Infiray smartphone cameras as Webcam


I own a Xtherm T3C camera for Android and I would like to stream the video being captured via HTTP to a Raspberry Pi. Initially, I was streaming videos to my Raspberry Pi using an app called IP Webcam, I used for testing and it worked perfectly fine. However, with my T3C and the Xtherm app I am not able to send images in any way whatsoever. So I thought I would plug it directly to the Raspberry Pi and capture the images right away. The problem is that I get a green pixelated noisy Image. I am new to thermal cameras and thermography in general I can't really figure out why is it happening and how do I fix it.


From a previous thread there was a brief mention of how HTI-301 works because it uses UVC and YUV mode for the imaging. However, The T3S which is a similar line of the T3C is only YUV, is there a workaround? Or maybe a workaround the HTTP issue?


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