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UTi220A Pro(UTi260B) Disassembly


Hi there, I just did a teardown of the Uni-T UTi220A Pro, it's the same thing as UTi260B, just different marketing.
Overall i can say the quality control is non existent, for example there are fingerprints on the thermal lens that is underneath the cover glass...( I wiped them off before taking picture)
Here are some pics I took:

Infiray Tiny1 imaging core

Can the SDcard of this thing not be accessed via USB as mass storage? That'd be kinda stupid.
I bought the device recently, only now started playing a bit with it. No big issues so far. Have not disassembled it, though :D

How did you open it? Infiray C210 is all wrapped in rubber and there is no access to the srews.


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