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Vacation abroad (to EU) with <9hz flir


I'm debating getting a flir one (sub 9hz), but I can't find any conclusive information on what I need to do to bring it abroad with me to the EU from the US. The information about ITAR I've found seems to suggest that sub 9hz cameras don't need a license. Will I have a problem just bringing it with me on my vacation to the EU? Anything else to keep in mind?


UPDATE: I contacted FLIR, who told me I should have no problem travelling abroad with it

What EU countries will you be travelling to? Although the EU is supposed to be one big happy family of equal legislation, some rules differ markedly by jurisdiction (a major example is firearms and other weapons like knives, but there are lots of other areas of difference including such things as {cough} "persons of negotiable virtue" {cough} {cough}).

All joking apart, I would recommend you carry with you the relevant paperwork that shows the device was purchased in the USA and is <9Hz. Customs people have been known to demand duty on high-value items coming back into a country (if there's no evidence you exported it in the first place). A paper invoice is a great way of shutting down an argument before it starts.


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