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It seems like I have been looking in the wrong place :D

There is a really complex update procedure in iray_hisi_camera, but now I see the much simpler update procedure in iraytek_softer_01.

I am not certain yet, but it seems like i can just put a S90start file in the update folder on the SDcard and start the update via UI?

Can anyone confirm this before I brick my camera :D?

here is the relevant function

Just got a TC004.
On Win11, the camera app / vlc / obs see the camera but can't get the video.
The software from topdon, TDView, works.

I suspect some unusual encoding.
Manawyrm did you do something special to get it to work? I mean apart from completely hacking the device :D

The ".h264" files should play in VLC fine. They are a h.264 video stream but are not packaged in the MP4 container format, so they are not very compatible with other software. To fix this, you can do a "convert" using VLC to export an MP4 file with passthrough video, and that worked well for me.

I meant about the UVC streaming.

--- Quote from: Manawyrm on May 18, 2023, 08:33:36 pm ---With Windows (both OBS and the native Windows 11 camera app) it works immediately.

--- End quote ---

With the TC004 that has streaming enabled by default, you still need to activate it in the menu, I can use Topdon's software to display the live video.
But any other software won't work.
Maybe Topdon's firmware has a different "encoding" of the streamed data?

I have the Vevor SC240N and stupidly thought "maybe the firmware for the TC004 or TC005 will load on it". I did nothing to back up the original firmware and after performing the firmware install, of course, it just boots to the logo screen and hangs. Is this bricked for good or is there a way to reinstall the original firmware?


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