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 Hi !!!
 Password: 123
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 DuRak (species: common fool, family: sluggishly curious)


--- Quote from: DuRak on March 05, 2023, 09:05:04 pm ---(EN) The back of the thermal imager chamber.
         I ask you to pay attention:
Near the quartz resonator, in a white square 2 seats for a resistor. Only one thing is busy, which is closer to the resonator.
PERHAPS this is a question that is responsible for choosing a camera model (256x192 or 160x120)
--- End quote ---
Thanks for the pictures.
Can you please tell if it's possible to remove the front of the camera to reach the screws without damaging it?
I want to put 2 tiny magnets inside the case to hold a close up lens.

Что бы открыть камеру нужно аккуратно, не спеша начиная, с ула , скальпелем оклеить чёрный скотч,
на передней панели. Это самоклейка. Под ней вы обнаружите 4 винта. Открутите их.  Далее всё просто...
 Видите крепёжные винты - можете смело  их откручивать.
ВНИМАНЕ!!! я не делал попыток переключить разрешающую способность при помощи недостающего резистора.
Это  только ПРЕДПОЛОЖЕНИЕ . Если Вы рискнете - сообщите о результатах.

Я подключал к USB 2.0 моем PC  и запустил тест с
и получил картинку . Так Выглядит необработанная Андроидом картинка исправного тепловизора в тестовом режиме.
И представляет собой 2 одинаковых по размеру кадра: 1- черно-белый, 2 зелёный.

Так выглядит свет лампы накаливания от абажура на белом потолке моей комнаты.

To open the camera, you need to carefully, slowly starting, from the street, paste over black tape with a scalpel,
on the front panel. This is a sticker. Under it you will find 4 screws. Unscrew them. What follows is simple...
  You see the fixing screws - you can safely unscrew them.
ATTENTION!!! I made no attempt to switch the resolution with the missing resistor.
This is just a SUGGESTATION. If you dare - report the results.

I connected to USB 2.0 on my PC and ran the test from
and got a picture. This is how a picture of a working thermal imager in test mode, raw by Android, looks like.
And it represents 2 frames of the same size: 1 is black and white, 2 is green.

This is how the light of an incandescent lamp looks like from a lampshade on the white ceiling of my room.

Thank you!
DuRak (species: common fool, family: sluggishly curious)
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Thanks DuRak
I hope I will be able to take off the black sticker undamaged.
I don't need to change the resolution (I have the 328B model).

Just finished making my close up set for the 328. And when I was at it I figured I might as well do a protective lens cap.


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