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Is the Victor 328B model any good? It's cheap and the hardware looks promising but the software is very basic. No fusion image or PIP. Also currently awesome deal but only for U.K. The b model is only $186! In other countries it's $222!

It will contain either an Infiray Tiny1-c or Guide Sensmart TIMO256 miniature imaging core. Both are impressive pieces of electronic engineering. These cameras offer excellent value for money.


Thank you very much for your comment. I'm a beginner and I need it for a little appartment inspection and maybe as a hobby for pcb electronics repair but nothing serious. Do you think I need fusion image and PIP image? Is it a big deal? And also it has a temp range from -15°C to 600°C in one mode but I saw other models have 2 ranges?

For example this Uti 260m has low gain and high gain mode. Is this any good? It has also better software with PIP and fusion image. Is it also a Infiray Tiny1-c or Guide Sensmart TIMO256 miniature imaging core?

Uti 260m

Can you get raw temp data from those devices? maybe with a sdk? are there free sdk available? I suppose the images uses some sort of interpolations, heat maps, etc.? 50000 points seems a lot to me with this kind of interpolations?

I'm looking to buy one of them. Thanks!

The cheaper Victor 328A share the specs of the Victor 328A but only with 160x120 pixels compared to 256x192, will be interesting if anybody owning the module can check which module is inside, maybe both have Tiny1-c (that support 2 video modes that correspond with those resolutions). Having the same module will open the door to enable the higher resolution on the cheaper module.

The Victor 328B is the full 256x192 pixel resolution. It is reasonable to assume that the Tiny1-C is being configured to its lower resolution in the Victor 328A.



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