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Want to get a rugged smartphone with thermal imaging. Any recommendation?

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Thermal Michael:
Guys, I am thinking about to get a rugged smartphone with thermal imaging function. Kind of lost in all those brands and models. Any recommendation?

And will it be more convenient than a plug-in thermal camera for smartphone? Like FLIR One or InfiRay T3S.

Thank you. :)

I use the FLIR One for the home lab, it is annoying to plug it in and fire up the software everytime and deal with the high battery drain. I would rather have a standalone camera to be honest.

Any external dongle will not be rugged, but some external dongles will give you much better quality.

As far as I know there is 4 total phones with a thermal camera that I know of. All of them are Leptons. I own two of them. I cannot recommend them as thermal cameras but I can recommend them as rugged phones with a gimmick.

There might be another phone with a different core embedded, but I have not read much about it. It's from AGM and looks like it has a Seek core, which will be a much better experience due to the framerate and resolution.

Do you have anything specific you want to do with it?

At the beginning of January, I went to the CES show in las vegas and surprisingly found that there were some exhibitors (agm/infiray....) presenting their products of rugged phones with thermal imaging. I don't know too much about those two brands, my friends told me that agm new flagship use the thermal sensors from infiray.

Due to the construction and protection features of rugged phones, I tend to choose the phone because rugged phones are better for anyone living or working outdoors than a plug-in thermal camera for smartphones. :)

Thermal Michael:
That's what I am thinking about.

And to be honest, although I love FLIR very much but the resolution of FLIR One is unacceptable. They really need a updated version.

As for the thermal rugged smartphone, I never used any of them, but CAT, Blackview and AGM is kind of famous and there are some reviews available online for reference. Does anyone own any of those three above and maybe could give me some advices?



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