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What Android app for Infiray TS3?



What Android app do people recommend for the Infiray TS3 camera?

The official app is called XTherm - however, it doesn't support recent versions of Android (10+). There's a link in the description to another APK which is meant to work on Android 10+, but that doesn't seem to work either - just displays a black screen.

I saw there's another company, CEM Software, which makes three different Android apps:

* Smart Thermview
* Thermview Pro
* Thermview+
However, all three haven't been updated in some time (1 year for Smart Thermview, 2 years for Thermview Pro and Thermview+), and it's not clear what the difference between them is?

Is there another Android app that people recommend for the Infiray TS3?


We have a community developed app for that.   join my discord server and ask netman.    Discord invite link is in the banner image of my youtube home page,


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