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(solved) What core does Bullard T320 use?

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I'm actually helping my friend to ask this, since he cannot register an account here... (Due to IP blocking?)
I searched but cannot find the answer, does anyone knows?

This photo shows what the UI overlay look like, does it look familar to anyone?

It is an A-Si core. From memory, the Raytheon 4500AS. I would need to do some digging to confirm that through. Sadly I am away from base at the moment so cannot do any research in my archive for you.

A tender I saw for the T320 mentioned the core being from a manufacturer who had served the Fire Fighting camera market for more than 10 years. The same document confirmed the use of an A-Si based core. Bullard used Raytheon A-Si Thermal Eye cores in earlier variants of the same camera platform (Raytheon 2000 and 3000 series A-Si cores)

One of my Bullard Eclipse cameras contains a FLIR TAU but the other (current model) contains a Raytheon Thermal Eye “Nano” core that is more recent than the 4500AS. Bullard clearly still like to use Raytheon Thermal Eye cores.


Bill W:
'Bullard used' ... is a bit of an understatement.

At least in the 2000AS / 3500AS days the Bullard cameras were built in their entirety by Raytheon in the TI/Raytheon (later L3) facility north of Dallas.


I never knew that ! Thanks Bill  :-+


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