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What's the current 'sweet spot' for a used FLIR camera?


Hi all-

Looking at a thermal camera buy.  I intend to use it for both electronic (board imaging, fault finding) & environmental (structural, HVAC) purposes.  I assume buying a used older model would both save some money and get me a perfectly fine and useful machine - right?  Or has some recently introduced model upset my "buy used" belief?

Anyway I'm curious to know if there is a standout model that would admirably perform these tasks and has stood the test of time.  All input welcome - thanks.

This is asked quite often...

Best all around is probably still Flir E4 hacked to E8+.
I believe you can get a very good discount on :
Ask here for code:

If you would prefer something smaller with manual focus there is T.E. Q1 for 500$:

I think a used e30 or used e40 is the sweet spot because they go from $1100-$1400 on ebay and can become a e60 with a little work, the E40 is best because of bluetooth and mmx but usually run a little more unless it';s a deal, the e30 older model has the bluetooth wifi but the sellers never list the serial numbers so it is hit or miss but they go for just a little over the new e8 cost. And if you get an e30 that does not have MMX it's ok because the clarity and adjustable focus make up for it.


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