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Where are all the FLIR One for Android apps?


There's obviously the main one from FLIR, but unlike the iOS FLIR One, which has a ton of apps, the Android FLIR One has only one app (at least only one on the official website) [/url][url] which is called Comfort Tracker. At least this is the only "FLIR approved" 3rd party app. Are there any others out there, where people have posted the APKs up for download on their own personal website? I have searched with Google, and can't find any. Maybe you guys here at will know of some places I can get some apps for the FLIR One for Android, that haven't yet been officially approved by FLIR. I know that there is a FLIR One SDK, and I've heard it's free, so I'm surprised that it's so hard to find some apps that use the FLIR One for Android.

Are there any other apps at all for the FLIR One for Android? Even any APKs of experimental apps that people have made with the FLIR One SDK? If so, please let me know where to find them. Thanks.

Hi Ben321,

I collect all interesting activities in this forum around the Flir One in this link list:

There you found some software experiments...


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