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where can I buy a thermal camera that can see the birds at night?

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Bill W:
Sorry should have added a bit more instruction (or locked cells).

Only type in the coloured cells.  Answers are in the white cells

Top red ones to set up the sensor data.
Cell B7 if you have a lens size to get the field of view and pixel sizes.
Cell A21 is a separate calculation to get you from a field of view to a lens size.

So for your example, if you put a 25mm lens (cell B7) in front of that sensor you get a 11 degree horizontal field of view (cell B8), and at 100M each pixel is 50mm square (cell B13).

If you want a 5 degree field of view (cell A21) you need a 52.8mm lens, so in practical terms would get a 50mm.


Update on topic) I bought Flir hs-307, its really humongous, especially with bundled semi-backpack lol) use it mostly with 100m lens bought long ago for friendly price, and that's where you see washed out details and funny 320->720 interpolation)) check attachment. my 201 version loads about 50 seconds from off state and about 5 from standby
One friendly salesman sent me photos from iray xeye 6v2 with spring/summer firmware, and they have 640*480(sensor is 512, hmm) resolution without interpolation) in newest firmware they added cold tint and image contrast(?) adjustment in v2 imagers. got excited but then i looked at video from 6v1 from similar source and it  was... 480*360 resolution! looks like planned aging :palm: so you really need to see files from sold imager before buying
Received my Helion xp from warranty covered repairs, service is good indeed) they even renewed hand strap and lens cap and left me old ones. And they rolled out firmware update for XQ2 and XP2pro models with better image sharpness, so xq2 must be really better than xq now) but maybe still worse than xp1 in terms of sharpness

Bill W:
Just seen a few bats with an Argus2 (doing the videos for camera sale on eBay later)

So this is a 320x240 sensor, 50° horizontal field of view and the bats around 50m away
Stills attached

Video link (30 seconds)
The moon is seen in the first 15 seconds
Bats feature from 20-30 seconds



--- Quote from: svgurus on July 23, 2021, 07:29:52 pm ---I think you need used thermal monocular, if you need long lens and not fragile case) good ones that record photos and might cost closer to 1000$ used are:
1. Pulsar Helion XQ 28/38/50 (all axions are less sharp) I currently own Pulsar XP, you can swap batteries on it and with some tricks - lenses.
2. Iray xeye 3 plus/pro/max v1/2, Iray cabin 19 is new model, specs look kinda nice but used xeye 3 would be better i think) Iray finder FL is smaller but more expensive. I never read about changing lenses on xeye or finder series, thats a problem)
3. Flir hs-307 or ts32r - heavier and bigger but batteries are swappable, lenses too but with more effort than Pulsar. Photos that I found in net are softer than Pulsar XQ but less noisier - btw anyone has samples to share?) Going to buy one of these soon
4. maybe Flir Scion, they use Boson core, not sure if they are better than Axions in sharpness/noise)
Hikmicro and Guide make monoculars with recording too but for me they are less interesting but might be cheaper.
I attached:
1 photo from 307, its not mine
2 my photos of ducks at water from XP + most likely, 50mm lens, 501 is made in late evening, 502 at bright day in hot season, contrast is low.
1 photo from some xeye 3-1 model, its from this Hungarian site - google translate is readable)

--- End quote ---

I was looking at the axion xq38 and noticed it is pretty good compared to the XP50 and other models

its half the price of the helions, the helions look good, and yeah you can change the lenses but you only gain so little and the lenses cost alot. the only thing I probably wont like is the magnification on the lens, at 3.5 is pretty close

here is some more footage from the helion vs axion

I can get it for $2500 from ebay with 2 year square trade warranty from ebay

I tried axion xq38 in shop at winter, picture quality is far from ideal for such serious price, and price of used ones in RF is about 90% from paid in shop, so I'm not interested in buying it. For small form-factor and non-changeable lens iray finder fh25 image quality is better and imager is not much expensive, but apart from changeable lens it lacks handstrap and normal colored palettes, I really like pulsar's ones.
I made comparison of my helion XP with 50 lens, axion and iray 6v2 pro with old firmware, it is far from ideal but i didnt like axion's picture with slanted roof house at all, on iray it is not great too, helion is tolerable. temperature was about -10 degrees celsius, 2 big tubes were mounted on tripod and axion not, because it needs adapter for it and i forgot it in shop. but I chose sharpest pictures from it, 35mm lenses are quite hand-holdable on thermal. corners of XP picture can be soft, there is centering problem with lens but it is fixable)
Axion XM is even worse than xq, it is well seen in your first video. Lenses for XP are far from price of new monocular but if you want cheap small imager you can try to find american variant of iray DL13 or cabin 19/25, dl13 works with thermviewer on android phones, i held it in hand for 5-10 mins) not sure if any photos were left. still it is not much better than HTI301 or xtherm t3s but is more expensive and still hard to change the lens


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