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Where can I buy thermal camera modules?

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I was reading the discussion about thermal cameras in this thread, and I'm getting the impression that InfiRay / GuideIR has some decent products.

I am particularly interested in using their tiny thermal camera modules (e.g. this one) in my projects, but I have no idea where can I buy them. On most sites like Aliexpress or Taobao I can only find consumer-ready products, not these bare modules. DigiKey sells these, but only in quantities greater than 50 units, which is way beyond what I need.

Does anybody know where can I purchase small quantities (e.g. 5) of these bare thermal camera modules? I'm assuming that they usually only supply them to companies demanding a large amount and wouldn't really care about hobbyists.

Thank you.

Why assume? Contact them.
I've had an excellent experience with Infiray.

FWIW I still haven't heard back yet, T+ 1 month from initial contact

You can buy Flir Lepton, and Seek modules from Digikey

Hmm, ok I'll try to send Infiray a request and see how it goes.

--- Quote from: mikeselectricstuff on March 03, 2022, 10:25:22 pm ---You can buy Flir Lepton, and Seek modules from Digikey

--- End quote ---

Yup, I found out about that yesterday... Guess I'll have to make do with those if I can't get my hands on the Infiray stuff.


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