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Which thermal camera for monitoring my Raynaud's & my body heat? P2Pro,T2S,T3S?

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Bill, thanks for the input. It's strange how Raynaud's manifests itself. Although I don't have it in just one of my fingers as your former colleague, I've found that sometimes one particular finger acts up more than the rest and then the next time it could be another finger. It's a little like one finger get's slightly more affected by the cold at one time and then the body factors in that the next time so that finger doesn't get as affected the next time. I'm still trying to work out how this works and that's one of the reasons I'm now purchasing a thermal camera.

St├ęphane, thanks also for your input and the video. I suppose my fingers will look like the one with Raynaud's in your video and I will test it out in different circumstances to measure the changes. I hope to learn how different levels of cold will affect the hands and in what way I could myself influence my reaction. Based on my training in pretty severe cold exposure I've come to realize that there is definitely a connection between the way Raynaud's manifests itself and how much cold my body can handle - the more accustomed my body get to cold exposure, the better my Raynaud's gets. I don't know if this solely depends on my body getting better at distributing heat in my body the more I train, or if it has more to do with me getting better at handling the mental stress of cold exposure (since Raynaud's also has a lot do with stress according to what I've read). Nonetheless I'm confident that I'll one way or another get rid of this syndrome.

I've now taken the step to order a T2S+ and look forward to trying it out on my body  :)


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