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Which thermal camera for monitoring my Raynaud's & my body heat? P2Pro,T2S,T3S?

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I have Raynaud's Phenomenon (poor circulation condition) and want to buy a thermal camera for monitoring how heat moves in my body after exposing myself to what triggers the condition (such as cold exposure of various kinds), this way finding areas of especially weak blood circulation for example.

My budget isn't high, just a couple hundred dollars. I'm currently looking at the P2 Pro, the T2S and T2L from InfiRay. I don't quite understand the difference between them. What I do understand however, is that those would be good for diagnosing electronics, but I don't know if they would be as good for monitoring how heat moves in a human body and human body temperature measurement. The T3S from InfiRay seems to be a little more geared on the company's Alibaba page towards medical care, more so than any of the P2Pro, T2S or T2L. So maybe a T3S is needed to monitor my Raynaud's properly, though this model is above my budget currently.

I don't really care about the size of the camera, but I would like to purchase one that I would be able to connect to my Android phone and use on my PC with a software (such as the Windows software for some InfiRay cameras created by Rune Hansen on this forum).
Based on my preferences, which thermal camera would you recommend for me?

Thanks in advance for your help!

I would not trust any of these devices to provide accurate temperature measurements. Will you see heat change and move? Maybe.

It sounds more like you need a professional medical assessment, which will likely use a cooled mwir camera. These are able to imaging much finer temperature deltas and when calibrated, provide actual numbers of the surface temperature.

Vipitis, thanks for the reply I appreciate it. I would love to get a cooled mwir camera, but I have understood that they are very expensive and I couldn't afford paying several thousands dollars - or have I misunderstood and is there cheaper cooled mwir cameras available to purchase?

Otherwise I would have to settle for a non-cooled camera, even though it wouldn't be quite perfect for my uses. I'm just a layman trying to get some basic understanding of how heat moves in my body and I doesn't work in conjunction with a doctor. Is there a thermal camera within my budget of a couple hundred dollars which would work reasonably well for my uses? (I'm considering InfiRay's line of the P2 Pro, T2S+ or T2L as I've understood that that they are decently priced for their capabilities, but there might be other better priced cameras I'm not aware of)

Thanks again for the help!


I can't see a problem with the P2 Pro, I have one on order and also currently have a Flir E4.
It sounds like you're after indicative measurements rather than accuracy and these smaller, cheaper sensors should fit the bill in that area.
If you haven't already, see Mike's P2 Pro review here , that should give you a good indication of what to expect.

I reviewed the Infiray P2 Pro on this forum here:

Post numbers 36 and 45 may be of some interest as they image hands. My wifes warm blood in her veins was visible in post 45.

The P2 series does not officially have a PC image analysis software package but I recall someone on this forum has created such software that runs under Python. I cannot say whether the P2 series will meet the OP's needs as medical thermography is quite a specialist use case and I am not a Doctor.



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