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Which thermal camera to get for PCB proto inspection


Hi all,

I'm wondering which thermal camera to get for PCB proto inspection. Just recently
I had a problem where this save hours of wasted time and I want to get on of these
myself now. Budget is around 400 euro It will be used for close by IC / PCBA inspection and not far away.

What device is suited the best for this (around this price class)?
Since it seems that some of these thermal imagers are focused for long(er) distance and not for close by
PCBA like inspection. (high density board, small 1x1mm IC's)

Bill W:
As no-one else has replied, I'll give you one cheap idea if you fancy a project rather than a finished solution. 

You can get a decent core from a fire camera (eBay etc) and then build your own camera with the interesting bits.
Here is my latest work in progress, with a 160x120 Raytheon ASi out of a Marconi/e2v Argus 3
The box lid contains a 4" video in LCD also from the camera, and there's batteries to go in too.  I have loosened off the lens grub screw so it can now be focussed.

Imaging 1mm objects is asking a bit much of a 160, but a 320 or 384 should be adequate.  Otherwise to focus short you would need to add another lens on front of a camera set at normal viewing as described elsewhere on this forum.



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