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Which thermal image camera (1000-3000€)?


I need to ask some advice, which thermal imaging camera you would suggest?
Price tag should be somewhere between 1000-3000€ and it should be ´point and shoot´ type of camera.

Primerarly used to find thermal leaks from the houses and "usual" stuff, nothing so special at this point..

Would it be hacked Flir E4 or something else?
IF i´ve understand correctly, every current E4 can be downgraded and then hacked to be "E8"?
So, if I just go to the local shop and buy E4, it will probably be with the 2.8 firmware, then i just downgrade it to 2.3 and then hack it and that´s it :)

The E4 remains the best value thermal camera in terms of being a complete unit that can be upgraded to 320x240 pixels plus additional menus. The caveat is that the buyer must be capable of upgrading it. At standard 80x60 resolution with the addition of the fakes noise, the E4 is not fun to use ! I have two E4's and have yet to upgrade the second unit. I can see the massive difference between the two configurations in a side by side test.

The ThermApp also appears to produce very good images, and has a superior lens to the E4, but it is a mobile phone add-on which does not suit many users. It does have the advantage of not needing to be 'hacked' though.

There is due to be a new mobile phone based camera release shortly. Look at the Thermal Expert i3 offering. I can make no comment on its performance as I have yet to see one working.

I recently demonstrated an upgraded E4 to a group of potential thermal camera purchasers. All preferred the complete camera format rather than a mobile phone add-on. FLIR got several E4 orders on the back of that demo.

I cannot recommend either the FLIR One Generation 2, or the SEEK Thermal cameras....... They are just not as effective as the upgraded E4.


Thanks Fraser!

In my case I also prefer stand alone camera as it´ll be used by... how to say, not so tech oriented people as well :)
And those will fit nicely to hand and so on.

Getting more and more feeling that i should just go with the upgraded E4, now checked ´few´ pages from the E4 thread, it should be pretty sure
that every E4 from any store can be hacked?
I think, I do not have a change to go any store to check camera before purchase, no stores nearby. Not sure how they answer if asking about software version, won´t want to avoid warranty either :)


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