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Which thermal imaging camera to buy to inspect laptop mainboards?

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Hello friends of the forum.
I decided to buy a thermal imaging camera to inspect faulty notebook pcb boards. I wanted to understand which model to buy for this job considering that I have to see smd 805,402 and 203. I'm oriented on a Hikmicro Pocket 2 but I think an adapter with lens is needed to see such small components. I wanted to understand if there are better products in this price range or this one is already fine (always with a lens). I also thought of another solution but I don't think it's possible, I have a simul focal amsope with C-mount adapter where a camera is inserted to take pictures of faults in the laptop motherboards, there is a solution to connect the thermocamera (for example the pocket 2) under the microscope?. Thank you.
P.S. What characteristics should the optional lens have to inspect very small smds?
Thank you

Adding lenses is a crappy workaround. You need a camera with adjustable focus for best results.

Thank you for the answer, which product do you recommend?

AFAIK Thermal Expert cameras from Korea have adjustable focus and worked very well on PCBs, like smartphone/PC attachments TE-M1, TE-Q1. There were threads on this forum about them. Although once they got EU distributor, incredibly cheap price for performance went up almost 2x, and they will no longer sell from Korea directly to EU. Still even with increased price, price/performance ratio is very good. Seek Thermal also have adjustable focus IIRC but they don't use Germanium lenses for their lower end products and performance is not even close even if resolution spec looks similar.

I see they recently released standalone TE-SQ1 which has manual focus according to user manual.


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