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Why don't a multi-spectrum IR camera exist?

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I've read that MCT array can detect 1-14um, all over the SWIR-MWIR-LWIR range, that would be amazing for night vision. But I haven't seen a product that claim archiving this in a single camera, some multi-spectrum system use several separate cameras to do this, and all camera with the MCT array just waste it's power by limit it's range using a band-pass filter. Why? Is that the lens cannot pass all those IR, or other reason?

Isnt this what are you looking for ?  :o

Those cameras are visible/NIR only. They are definitely not thermal cameras.
Also the one that has both visible and NIR bands is a line camera, meaning it only captures a line, not an image. These types of cameras are only useful in industrial inspection and perhaps astronomy applications.

Thank you razberik, but I think Helius is right, they are far less than an ideal multi-spectrum camera. Besides, I think there are already some products which are sensitive to visible-NIR-SWIR, such as Indigo's VisGaAs which respond to 400-1700nm.
I'm not going to actually buy one because that must be expensive, but just want to know why they don't use all the ability with an already existing technology such as MCT, to make a king of night vision.

Multi Thermal Spectrum cameras do exist but they use two cooled sensors sharing a single optical block. Germanium optics can be coated to cover SWIR through to LWIR.

A limitation with MCT is the need to 'tune' the band-gap for the spectrum to which it will respond, via its chemistry. MCT cannot cover SWIR, MWIR and LWIR with a single chemical mix. It also requires cooling to very low temperatures, which is normally a complex and expensive requirement in thermal cameras.

Take a look at the MCT Wikipedia page. It describes the situation quite well.

There are many materials that will work well as thermal camera sensors. Sadly they are not 'wide and' and many require crypto cooling to reduce their internal noise levels.



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