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Why my Scott Eagle 320 use Raytheon 4500AS core?

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So I just got an Scott Eagle 320 and tear it down on the first day.
To my surprise the core isn't BAE SIM 500H.(As in Fraser's list: here) It's Raytheon thermal-eye 4500AS instead...
Why? Is this the correct configuration? I'm a bit disappointed because even my Eagle 160 (BAE 500L) has a higher sensitivity.  :palm:
Also, I cannot find spec sheet nor manual for 4500AS core, could anyone help?

I recently discovered the same as you:

Scott EI 320 | Eagle Imager 320 has the Raytheon 4500AS core


Easily disassembled:

I believe confusion is a result of lot's of "eagle"named camera's

* Eagle Imager II (the huge plastic cube with the non moving handle)

* Eagle X

* Eagle Attack

And that's just a few that are easy to find.


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Thank you! What's the model in your tear down? The red case and 4 buttons seems not common...

The red color seems to be a bit uncommon; the model is the Eagle 320, at least that's written on the sticker at the battery compartment.

But i don't really know why it has 4 buttons, perhaps firefighter camera expert Bill W can tell us more?
the buttons are labeled

* mode
* scroll
* enter
* power
I found the manual for (your) eagle 320 in a eevblog posts from Fraser, i'll attach it to this post.

The red unit may be the Eagle 320 with Tracker capability for finding downed fire fighters. The tracker uses 2.4GHz radio location technology.

No idea why there is a Raytheon 4500AS core in the Eagle 320 and not a BAE SIM500 unit as I wrote my comments on the cores a long time ago. It was not uncommon for a thermal camera manufacturer to use different thermal imaging cores in a camera model over its product life due to parts availability, technology improvement or other issues effecting which core was used in a particular camera.



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