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Will we see the first phone-dongle VGA cameras after 2025?


I've been thinking about this recently, with technology getting more advanced maybe we'll see something like Infiray T4 or T5 with 640x512 resolution. The closest thing to that now is the T3, at 384x288.

I'm aware of export restrictions and limits on frame rates.

A decade ago, the thought of an average joe being able to get a VGA sensor was unthinkable and financially prohibitive (even today it's quite expensive), but perhaps there's some hope in the future for us amateur users :P

Thermal photography will get better if it's going to happen.

There are VGA dongles, and have been around for a while:

Thermal Expert V1, Opgal ThermApp Pro.

And I feel like I am missing the Chinese one...

I could make you an Infiray T4 with Infiray's own 640 cores. They're very tiny and will make a really nice small dongle. There's just one minor problem: they're $2200. Not much demand for it at that price.

"I could make you an Infiray T4 with Infiray's own 640 cores"

Would you mind to elaborate ?  I'm owning an hti-301 ht, and I'm searching a similar thermal camera at 640x480 or 640 x 512 true pixels @25 Hz minimum.

The only camera I found matching with such possibilities is the Optris PI 640i but the price is prohibitive and not justified (~ 8000 € !! , taxes included, in Europa). Last, FLIR is not an option for me.

To anyone aware of a less expensive camera with similar characteristics, feel free to contact me in private.

Thanks in advance for any hint :-)


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