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Success: inexpensive Wi-Fi dongle for FLIR SC6xx-series

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Update / spoiler alert: Fraser found some answers and I have purchased something that will hopefully work an Edimax EW-7711UTN that works a treat.

Has anyone got a Wi-Fi dongle that will work with a FLIR SC6xx-series camera, specifically a SC-660?

As I understand it there are only a very few Wi-Fi USB dongles that will plug into the back of the camera and actually work. Doubtless so FLIR could charge a premium for their own unit (which, to be fair, would be guaranteed to work, with no compatibility issues).

If any one knows of a 'compatible' that I can search for then I'd really like to know about that, too.

Thanks al


The official FLIR dongle may be seen here…… and the image includes the FCC approval code !

I will look up the licence for you :)

The “P5T” Grantee Code is Ambicom Holdings and there are 28 entries for them on the database. The one you are interested in is here……

It uses a Ralink driver.

You are looking for a Ambicom WL150N

Amazon used to sell it……

Ambicom has gone out of business !

So it would be an idea to search for the WL150N driver and see which chipset it is for. Then search for a WiFi dongle that uses the same Ralink chipset. It is a Circa 2009 product so the chipset will be quite old. The problem will be if the FLIR only recognises an Ambicom WiFi dongle ID.



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