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YT memo about some DIY setups working in LWIR and Vis/NIR domain...



Here is a last recent input in my YT "logbook".

The purpose is to summarize some of my DIY setups which i really use regularly, after years of some "Darwin" selective process...  :-[ :D

I wanted to share that with you, but i am aware that in this section "Thermal Imaging", perhaps it is not really pertinent.
Nevertheless, there is in all of that some touch of thermal (LWIR) :D but also, especially if we consider objects heated at few hundred °C (not glowing visibly) as emitting a "thermal" radiation :D, in NIR domain (image intensifier tubes)....

The presentation is crude, rudimentary,... Sorry for that. I tried just to go to the essential and to keep a trace which, i hope, may be useful for someone, and at least for supporting my vanishing memory... :D

Thank you for your reading patience, and if it is considered not pertinent here, do not hesitate to say it and remove this thread, with my apologizes in this eventuality.

Best regards.



Best regards.



Your setup looks so great!

I don't know if a DIY scale exists but you'd get a lot of points :
- has apparent electronics
- mixes different building materials
- uses (high end) salvaged parts
- held with tape
- held cable tie



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