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Another ask, help ID this chunky piece of retrotech

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Alex Eisenhut:
Here's another dead-end thing, anyone have any ideas what this connected to? Can't find much on the webz.

I haven't bought anything useless in two months, now I have the hoarding monkey on my back real bad!  :palm:

I'd guess from the connector that it's simply ground, power, and TX and RX somehow and there's a protocol like on the C64?

I don't know, but the company was a lab equipment vendor, so I'd guess to lab equipment of some kind? Not to general-purpose computers.

Perhaps a wild guess, but...
The 5-pin DIN connector suggests audio to me, and program/data storage on audio cassettes were a standard thing back then.
This might be a floppy drive emulating the cassette storage system.

In that case it could be really useful for retro computers.

Alex Eisenhut:
Only way to find out is to buy it...  >:D
What's intriguing is the metal clip in the back, looks like it holds the DIN connector.

The clip doesn't look original, more like a kludge from a lab guy irritated about the cable dangling around.


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