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Any guesses as to the failure?

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There is a guy selling 7 original compaq portables - he says they all have the same failure - that the CRT does not work.  I would be interested in having one, but only if I could have a reasonable chance of getting the CRT working.  Any guesses as to what might be the failure?  Especially since all 7 of them have the same failure point.  I guess there were 9 originally, all with the same failure.

My guess would be that something so wrong with the line transformer itself or the circuit powering it

Portable with a CRT ?  :-//

If they use and LCD type display the backlight failure would be my first suspect....easily checked with a bright light shone on the display while powered on.

Yep, CRT.  This is like the _first_ portable, if you can call it that!  Built in 8" or 7" CRT...

If you are referring to the first Compaq, I can tell you this.  The power supply board was notorious for going out.  I owned one and replaced the power supply board twice. 


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