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Any interest in a CSMP Manual?


I am in the process of downsizing and have no use for a CSMP (Continuous System Modeling Program) manual, from Tymshare.  This is an early version of CSMP that ran on a time-shared basis on a Burroughs 6400 mainframe. 

Two questions

1.  I can scan this to a pdf.  I decided I don't care enough to do the work, but will if someone wants it.   Does anyone care?

2.  Anyone want the manual itself?  If there are yes answers to question 1 you will have to commit to scanning it or wait until I get around to it.

Please better contact the software curator,  Al Kossow,  of Bitsavers,  aek at , instead to recycle/throw any documentation away,

Aw, I was hoping the title was a typo... always on the lookout for SCMP documentation :)
Cheers & Happy New Year


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