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any USB keyboard and mouse to PS/2 adapter?

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Some of Digilent's Artix 7 FPGA boards (e.g. the Basys 3) connect a PIC24FJ128 to a USB socket to implement a standard PS/2 interface for communication with a mouse or keyboard. I have found this works better with USB mice and keyboards than any other solution (standalone adapters etc.) that I have tried. The hardware and PS/2 related-details are described in detail in the USB HID Host section of the Basys 3 documentation:

Unfortunately this is only a partial solution for my application (Project Oberon) because a) I need two PS/2 interfaces and b) I have not been able to locate the source code used to program the PIC. I'd be VERY interested if it, or an equivalent, was found so I could use the same technique with other FPGA boards. 


--- Quote from: Nusa on July 02, 2020, 02:39:44 am ---One can still get a native PS/2 keyboard and mouse brand new.

--- End quote ---
Have a closer look: "Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock." :(

I tracked it down to NewEgg but it also listed out of stock there as well. The additional information (Date First Available: May 05, 2004) leads me to believe these are obsolete listings.

For my uses, a three-button mouse (e.g. the Logitech M-S35) is preferable to a scroll-wheel mouse. Fortunately you can often get good used ones on eBay at a reasonable price e.g.


Cherry still makes keyboards with a "Combo" interface, i.e. a USB jack which supports translation to PS/2 via a passive plug adapter. (Which comes with the keyboard.) Here are a few, from full size to compact:

These are current products, in stock at Amazon and elsewhere. Note that not all Cherry keyboards support the PS/2 adapter; e.g. the RGB-illuminated versions and the MX series seem to be USB only.

Scrap the whole PS/2 idea and get a USB card to use your USB keyboard and mouse directly.
Plus room for other devices.  Lots to choose from.  Just Google them.

You do not need to use the old PS/2 ports for keyboard and mouse.

Here's an example from Amazon:

Also: PCI to USB 2.0 Controller Adapter Card

Easier said than done when the machine doesn't have PCI(e), for example. :P

Or even when it does, the OS doesn't support it (e.g. Win95).

Why not update?  Or upgrade?  Some industries prohibit that (let alone if a viable upgrade path is even known for the given hardware, software and application involved), and with good reason!



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