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any USB keyboard and mouse to PS/2 adapter?

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The simple solution would be to buy a PS/2 keyboard, and a PS/2 mouse.
They still make them.

You can also buy new old stock of some keyboards that are ps/2 ... see

So recently I found the need for this USB device to PS2/AT adapter.

Most of my Keyboards are USB and none of them seemed to be PS2 compatible ( with an adapter)

If could be really handy to have a USB device to PS2 output adapter.

usb2ps2conv seems like a good project, Has any one made one?

I have a STM32 Nucleo-64 board that i could try but im not sure if Nucleo boards are compatible?


Would these 2 adapters work?

No, both are passive converters, as stated in the product descriptions. They will only work with keyboards or mice which are already equipped with a combined USB/PS2 interface.

So the OP has special keyboard and mouse that he must use? I use those adapters with almost any USB keyboard or mouse I got and they work.


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