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any USB keyboard and mouse to PS/2 adapter?

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I wonder if there is any opensource project around to interface a usb keyboard and mouse to a ps/2 computer.


Not opensource

But at that price i'd just buy them

It's a passive adapter without any MPU inside, and it only works if your keyboard already talks PS/2.
It simply switch the keyboard into PS/2 mode. But things go more complex when you want to adapt a common keyboard or mouse that are USB-only.


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Not opensource

But at that price i'd just buy them

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I think those are just passive adapters for older keyboards and mice that had dual USB / PS2 functionality. I'm not sure if that still applies to current ones.

It looks as if there was a relatively recent Silicon Chip article on a USB Keyboard OR Mouse to serial adapter but It doesn't look as if it's actually PS2 format...  The downloadable code is only in Hex too.

Edit: The consensus on Amazon seems to be 'it depends'...

Let me start by confirming, do you have an older computer that takes a PS/2 keyboard & mouse, but has no USB port, that you need to use - or - do you have an older PS/2 keyboard & mouse that you want to use with a newer computer that doesn't have PS/2 ports?

USB ports have been around for over a decade now, and any system without a single USB port is probably near useless at this point, but if that is the situation, PS/2 keyboards & mice can be found used on ebay.  If it's a PS/2 system with at least one USB port, you can hang a USB hub off that port and plug a USB keyboard & mouse in, pretty much every OS released in the last decade will recognize them.

If what you have is an older PS/2 keyboard & mouse, or maybe an older KVM switch, inexpensive adapters to connect those to a USB port are available.


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