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There's half of an Apple 1 prototype board for auction here:
Current bid is over $400k.

And a video here:

From time to time such prototypes show up at astounding prices (I recall a couple of threads around here that talk about that).

I never knew if one of these were actually sold for their prices, but surely the hype is enough to take it far out of reach for most people's wallets.

Well if things like this sell for 120000 dollar then why not an old piece of history for so much money.

Personally I find it idiotic but that is me :)

Yeah, Apple I prototypes are commonly around $1 million dollars or so.

Provided that they could prove authenticity, why not. I personally would certainly not buy that, but are they worth this price? In some way, absolutely, if you consider how seminal those were and their historical value.


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