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Are 41256 ram chips compatible with 4164s?

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I've been trying to repair a Tandy CoCo 1 64k. I ended up swapping the ram but I noticed the chips I put in it are 41256s. Is it safe to leave these chips in the board? The only different pin is the 256k has a address pin where the 64k has a NC. I think it should be okay if A8 is grounded but I just wanted to make sure.

IIRC 4164 vs 41256 have different pinouts , esp the Vcc

Should be fine. Certainly no damage will happen.


--- Quote from: xmris on November 23, 2022, 01:47:36 pm ---IIRC 4164 vs 41256 have different pinouts , esp the Vcc

--- End quote ---
Hmm... The datasheet I was looking at had everything in the same place.

bummer , sorry! you are right I may confused them with other IC (video ram or something,) ok quick search on the
comp.sys.cbm group , revealed this:  HTH


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