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Are the components in this old CompuPro worth anything to anyone?

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I helped my dad move recently and under his desk for the past 20 years has been a 1983 CompuPro, both the CPU and disk drive case.  I don't know if it still works or fires up (worked fine when it went under the desk) but the components in it seem pretty beefy, very large capacitors and interesting spindle motors.  Would anyone be able to use them, do you think, or is it scrap heap time?

I've attached some pics and a couple of quick walkthrough videos.  Thanks for your opinions:

The capacitors are Nichicon so those are good quality, I'd take them out. Then I always salvage motors from anything I can find, and its looks like theres some beefy ones in there :)

Have fun. Tearing stuff apart is therapeutic.

I don't really know the details of that computer, but it might be worth something if its working, maybe even if its not.

LarryQ... I have no idea where you are (no profile flag), but I'd love top go back to my twenties with S-100 !!!
PM if you are in Australia - I may buy it if you want to sell !

Thanks for your replies.  I guess the consensus is, there really isn't one, other than there's something worthwhile in the box   :)

I'll list it on the local craigslist for a few weeks, see what nibbles come up.  The eBay prices you linked are really out there! What they actually go for is a different story of course.

Unfortunately SL4P, I'm in the SF Bay Area, so shipping to Oz is probably a non-starter...sorry about that.

Well, if you'll get a bite at all, SFBay CL is where it would happen. Good luck


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