Author Topic: BK 2553 Scope issue. (Siglent 1074CFL)  (Read 714 times)

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BK 2553 Scope issue. (Siglent 1074CFL)
« on: February 12, 2018, 04:45:06 pm »

I have a BK Precision 2553 70Mhz scope. This is the same scope as the Siglent SDS1074CFL. It has developed a problem when trying to turn it on. I press the power button and the lights blink like normal, but it doesn't boot up. It takes 3-4 times to get it to boot. This just started last week. For now I just leave it on and its fine, wakes up from timeout just fine. Has anyone seen this before in these scopes to point me in the right direction?

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