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--- Quote from: voltsandjolts on June 09, 2022, 07:57:16 pm ---Here's my list of things that will be much much better in 50 years:

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Elon Musk will finally send tourists to the Moon.


--- Quote from: Benta on June 13, 2022, 08:38:44 pm ---The result of such an analysis would be: "There are too many humans on this planet!"

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It might just go in cycles, a bit like sometimes there are too many DRAM chips in the world, so the price collapses, and they sell like crazy.

Then there is a big factory fire, in the only place that makes the packaging, a major DRAM manufacturer in Asia, gets badly flooded out and major new computer and OS releases, means everyone needs to desperately upgrade their DRAMS. The price goes through the roof.

Some animals, some of the time, populations, show explosive and wildly excessive growth.  Causing over-population of that animal type.  Then real-life balances occur, such as shortages of the food types they need, big increases in their predators and so on, which sooner or later, re-balances out the populations.

I suspect, there are many other factors, affecting the planet, not just population size.

We seem to be in a time of relative disharmony, world-wide.  Which doesn't bode well, for agreeing action(s) on how to tackle climate change.

That video, sort of reminds me of the possibly golden past, which is no longer directly (unless a time-machine is invented), available.

I wonder if the internet, has contributed, to any modern life issues we may have, such as climate change.

I suppose we sort of need everyone, to agree and accept, less of things, in life.  Less people (or rather less new people, i.e. smaller families), less things, less travelling, less miscellaneous things, less new stuff, smaller cars and other downsizing, less energy consumption, etc.  That is a tricky thing to get sorted out.
Because things tend to be orientated, to what new things can we next buy, where can we travel to next, lets have a bigger family, and so on.


--- Quote from: Benta on June 13, 2022, 08:38:44 pm ---
--- Quote from: pcprogrammer on June 13, 2022, 07:49:36 pm ---And yet mankind still adheres to an ever growing economy :palm:

Only when the whole planet is stripped from its natural resources it will stop. And I'm not talking about just fossil fuels.

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Because everyone. And I really mean everyone (politicians, religious zealots, UN, NGOs, antiabortionists, aid organizations, I could go on forever)
all refuse to do a "root cause analysis".
The result of such an analysis would be: "There are too many humans on this planet!"

All focus is on short-term solutions (avoid hunger, stop burning fossile fuels etc.). But the long term solution is family planning. I'm no fan of China, but they seem to be the only nation realizing this (the one-child-policy).

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Just to bring this up a second time, but Malthus exactly made that analysis in the 18th century. Note that this is still controversial, and in a number of ways, this is a chicken-and-egg problem.

As to China, they stopped the one-child policy in 2015. Because the population was aging dangerously and would be on the verge of declining in a matter of one generation. So this does not apply anymore.

Population stability is a tricky business that cannot be handled long-term with simplistic measures.

The largest contributor of population growth is the availability of "cheap" energy. This is the main cause explaining the high growth rate of the world population over the last 2 centuries.
Cut the energy supply and you'll see a sharp decline.
Something that may very well happen over the next decades.

All very true.

What does not help is that the politicians are afraid of taking measures in the family planning and end of life department. 25 years ago world (over) population was part of the agenda, but nowadays it is seen as your basic right and pleasure and lets not toy with peoples rights and pleasures. This can be seen in Dutch politics about for instance fireworks. The are talking about reduction of nitrogen and pollution, but ban fireworks, no that we can't. Then people will get angry and not vote for us anymore.

Even though the Netherlands has a very liberal take on euthanasia it is still to restricted. There is only one person who can decide if you want to live or die and that is you. Not the government, not the church, not your family, just you. So let people who want to end their lives do so in a humain manner. I'm sure a lot of elderly people want this. And probably also younger people.

Talking about nature, it knows how to balance and control it self. Mankind seem to have lost that ability long time ago when they became "almighty". We think of our self's as the intelligent race, but in fact we are very stupid. Poisoning our living environment for profit, etc.

A nice statement I found a while back about the film Idiocracy, which plays in the future some 400 years from now, is "Mike Judge critiques the nonsense of the modern world in this dystopian 2006 comedy – which, in 2021, feels more like a documentary"

The way out of it, I'm not sure if we can turn it around, but consume less and slow down and manage population growth will certainly help. I did my part, not for the environment, because back then it was not such an issue, but just because I did not want children and the wife had no problem with that. In fact it was the first question I asked on our second date. Not very romantic, but realistic. There is no compromising on basic instinct.


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