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Connecting a C64 to a modern Monitor

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I haven't been up to date with this stuff for ages.
Are there sanely priced & quality products out there that would help me connect 80's computers to a modern screen? Like DVI or HDMI, if it's cheaper, maybe even VGA.

Like a C64. I also have a C128, but I guess for games etc, the "sorta EGA" output that thing also has is not so relevant.
IIRC, the C64 has 2 outputs, one with TV RF signal, worse quality, and another one that's not as crappy, which would be preferrable as input for the X-device you might tell me the name of, I guess.

I don't think I'd put much effort into that, that'd only be for some fun here and there. So something that works out of the box would be nice ;)

s-video or SCART to HDMI e.g - and a suitable cable from the A/V socket on the C64

Many TVs still have a S-Video Input. This could be part of the SCART connector. So it would be just a cable. AFAIR I used this years ago. A few monitors might also still offer S-video in.

You might be disappointed how flat and blocky the C64 signal looks on the unforgiving modern flatscreen...
Those old CRTs with their slight blurring, scanlines and local haze are more flattering for vintage low-res images, I think.  :)

As far as I remember, the C64 and C128 featured a 5-pin or 8-pin DIN 41524 socket with audio out, audio in, composite video and y/c (S-Video) video. It would be easy to build a suitable cable as both DIN plugs should still be obtainable. I would consider ebastlers advice and look for an old CRT TV as substitute for the original monitor unless you want to do screen capture.
The TV set will have composite and S-Video in (at least via scart).
Composite/S-Video to DVI converters are very pricey nowadays. A cheaper solution would be a USB A/V capture device.


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