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--- Quote from: SeanB on January 30, 2024, 05:46:40 pm ---If you are using genuine DOS on a machine, you might also want to find a copy of Norton Commander, and the utilities that it came with. They can do a good job on recovering the data off the weak tracks. Does not work in a VM, and does not work running under Windows either, it can do some rather spectacular damage to your disk data wise. Also does not handle long file names well, but will at least recover weak sectors for you. Think I even still have some 5 1/4 in drives around, as well.

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the last norton commander v 5.5  supported  LFN  "long file names" ...  and if you could install dos 7.10  too  who supports it

Volkov Commander 4.99    was some fork of Norton ...  better functionalities ...


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