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Covox Speech Thing clone (for lovers of vintage computer gear)


Those of you who have a love for vintage computer hardware, or perhaps lusted after a Covox Speech Thing, Roland MT-32 or similar sound devices for your PC without a sound card, you can now buy a clone of the Covox ST: The CVX4

I've been looking for years for an original Covox Speech Thing and they are very hard to come-by. Of course you could always design your own as it's essentially a primitive DAC with very few components but I've just bitten the bullet and bought a few of these. They are a little on the pricey side, but I got 3 for the price you'll probably pay on eBay + shipping for just one of the original Covox (or an equivalent) device.

The 8-bit guy did an awesome video on how these parallel port DACs worked (including an example of the CVX4)

And here's an example of a CVX4 at work with a 44.1kHz, 8-bit sound file:

I still have a MT32 somewhere


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