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Anyone remember this?

Came across this 40-year old Cramolin. I'm sure Cramolin, in general, is known to many of you. This particular product which included a CR-20 label, was sold as a way to clean the silver contacts on a TRS-80 (M1 here). Regular cleaning was required as the machine would reboot whenever it felt like it (tarnished contacts were one reason) and one was always guarding against such reboots.

Web page on Cramolin here:

Advertising flier mentioning the Red+Blue variety here (pdf):

Eventually, many of us invested in the gold-plated edge connectors which were soldered right over the silver ones.

I remember using DeoxIT, but not as a spray, from a little "eye drop" style bottle.

Another similar contact cleaner/lubricant/enhancer that's been around "forever" is Stabilant 22. It was marketed in the retail sector as "Tweek".
Jerry Pournelle, the former Byte columnist and computer pundit used to praise Stabilant 22 on a regular basis for fixing computer problems.

The first line "For the Audiophile" says it all !   >:D


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